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There’s absolutely no doubt that every individual created by God has a specific purpose and plan. We all face challenges and many of us find help and encouragement through the journey. There are however those who are perhaps forgotten or because of the nature of their challenges find it’s not as easy to find help or encouragement.

Up Club is an environment designed for our friends who are experiencing special needs. God loves every single child with special needs and He has a unique plan for each one. Our desire is to partner with families and kids experiencing special needs and provide an environment where the spiritual, intellectual and physical needs of these children are met.

God has a plan! And as we’ve discovered that plan is most of all a partnership. So from our team to the environments we’ve developed to serve your child and the entire family we really do believe that Up Club will be a great blessing.

We designed the Up Club with 3 rooms in mind: a Sensory Room, Educational Room and a Physical Therapy Room. The children experience a 30-min rotation through each of the 3 developmental areas during the service that they attend.

Service Times:

Up Club Utica: Sundays at 9AM and 11AM  |  931 Herkimer Rd., Utica, NY 13502
If you or someone you know has a child interested in attending Up Club at our Sunday services in Utica please email Pastor Sam here or call us at 315-792-4748

Up Club Albany: Sundays at 10AM  |  183 Schoolhouse Rd., Albany, NY 12203
For questions email Pastor Rob here.

For more information please email us.

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