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There are a few titles from our Founding Pastor that we’re currently offering.

God’s Shield of Protection

Wars, Terrorists, Disease, Tragedy and Devastation.  In the Midst of today’s troubled times, we are all desperately searching for the Lord’s peace and protection.  If we are to withstand Satan’s attempts to destroy us, we have to learn to be proactive in prayer.  We must strive to establish God’s shield of protection around us.  Our enemy is real, but he is a defeated prince of an inferior kingdom.  He knows that he cannot touch us, but he will not stop trying; so we pray.  According to God’s Word, it is possible through fervent, effectual prayer to live under Divine protection and to construct prayer hedges around our lives and homes that Satan cannot penetrate.  Prepare for every area of life to be changed as you integrate the principles found in this powerful book into your daily prayer life.


This book has the keys of binding the enemy that wants to destroy and loosing God’s protective shield. Mike has provided the answer to all who are desiring toknow how to pray in times of crisis. This book is a must read! – Apostle Emanuele Cannistraci (Prophet, Teacher, Evangelist, Missionary)

Every Christian needs to read this book.  he truth and practice of praying God’s protection authorizes God to send His holy angels to supernaturally preserve and protect us. These prayers are not prayed from fear and worry but from biblical knowledge, faith and confidence. – Dr. Bill Hamon (Bishop/Apostle, Christian International Ministries)

Reach of the Cross

n  America today we need revival that leads to reformation, then reformation that results in community transformation. With ever-increasing hostility, there are forces that desire to remove God and His Word from all public life. As we look back to Jesus work of redemption, we find powerful principles of the reach of his cross. Have you ever considered the people that Jesus touched on the journey to his crucifixion and resurrection and how significant they are to us today? Barabbas, Simon of Cyrene, the Roman Centurion, Joseph of Arimathaea and others are prophetic pictures of the reach of the cross into various arenas of life. Consider the reach of the cross into the political arena, racism, business and commerce, spiritual warfare and other areas that affect our society. There were no mistakes as far as who participated or who was present that day.


Mike Servello has…tapped into the truth that allows the blessings of salvation to flow though the church to society, to our cities and our nations. He is a model for all believers who desire to reach a lost and confused world. Read it, get convicted and live out the vision. – Frank Damazio (Senior Pastor, City Bible Church, Portland, Oregon)

Pastor Mike Servello skillfully applies the potent effects of Jesus’ death on the cross to five contemporary realms of human experience – Government and Politics; Race Relations; Business and Finance; Social Problems; and Spiritual Warfare for Souls.  Mike demonstrates… how to apply the powerful principles of the Cross of Christ to daily professional circumstances. A “must read” for pastors, leaders and those on the front lines in the marketplace. – Wendell Smith (Founding Pastor, The City Church, Seattle, Washington)

About Pastor Mike Servello

Friends of Pastor Mike Servello say that he is a shining model for all believers who desire to reach a world desperate for change.

This is not hard to believe at all, judging by the way Pastor Mike leads his church and pastors his city. Starting out as a tiny congregation some 22 years ago in Utica, New York, Redeemer Church today is a fast-growing city and region-reaching church with a dynamic vision of loving God, loving people, serving others. Pastor Mike firmly believes that the power of the cross is not limited to our personal salvation alone. In God’s heart is a passion to impact society, unite the races, influence the marketplace, break the cycle of poverty, heal social dysfunctions, and rescue those trapped in spiritual darkness.

With 24.1 percent of his community living at or below the poverty line, Pastor Mike takes God’s command to serve the poor very seriously. Community action is a vital expression of his church. Sometimes it’s a one-day blitz. Sometimes it’s investing time with the same child through tutoring from week to week. Sometimes it’s through the work of Compassion Coalition, a ministry Pastor Mike founded that feeds tens of thousands of people annually in New York, across the States, and around the world.

Pastor Mike also serves on the Apostolic Team of Ministers Fellowship International as Regional Coordinator for North East USA. A pastor of pastors, he is committed to equipping and establishing local churches to change their world.

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