Connect With Your Local Church

Connect with Redeemer – Make it Your Local Church While Making Lasting Friendships

We’re so thrilled you’re interested in connecting at Redeemer. There are an ever increasing number of ways you and your family can get connected to what God’s doing here at Redeemer.

If you’ve tried to get connected and it hasn’t worked, we are so sorry, please click here and let us see how we can help.

    Next Steps At Redeemer you’ll hear us talk about real life change, a lot. We really do believe that while Jesus accepts, loves and cares for us right where we’re at, He doesn’t want us to stay there. He has a plan for us. We’re convinced that in the context of this redemptive community, God wants us to journey together to become all that He has in mind for us both personally and corporately. That really does happen best when you’re connected in real relationships. So if you’re ready, go ahead and take the next step whatever that might be for you on your journey.
    Attend Whether you’re just checking out the whole God thing or you’ve been on the journey for a while, pick a location, a time that works for you, and make it yours. Hey, make sure you don’t just rush out afterwards. Hang out in the café for a few minutes and get to know a few people.
    Connect God never intended that you should go through life alone; you were designed for together. Laughing, crying, facing challenges and celebrating when things go right is always best done together. So go ahead and find a small group or a few relationships that help you connect to God and His purpose for your life.

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